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Dahab (new year 2003)

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Dahab tends to be shore diving (in fact since Poseidon Divers have the only RIB in Dahab, and the authorities have refused the licence this year (2002), its currently and exclusively a shore diving resort!). This means you can book for a single dive, for either morning afternoon or night and leave it at that if you want. All very mellow.

image of dive Poseidon school Dahab

Poseidon dive school

The blue hole is Dahab’s most famous site, and rightly so, not for the hole itself, which, when all is said and done, is just a huge blue hole (fails to get my interest!) but for the outer reef wall which is truly spectacular. Not for the physically weak or disabled, you have to clamber over steep and treacherous rocks in all your gear to reach the entry point at Bells to do the vertical wall. The entry is hardly dignified (a sort of half giant leap, half drunken collapse sideways into a small crack in the rock!).

Another site I cannot fail to mention is "Huts" . This was the last dive of the my latest trip to Dahab, and it was spectacular. Huts is the best coral garden I have ever dived, even down to 30m it was solid healthy coral, only thinning out to show a little sand at the 20m mark. but up in the 0-10m range there was just the most spectacular huge brain coral. Huts has a difficult entry, and the rocks are about the size of half house bricks, smothered by erosion and covered in enough algae to make them all nice and slippery. Only for those with good balance!