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This section contains a (hopefully comprehensive) list of acronyms and obscure words used in this web site and there (hopefully clear) descriptions. If there is a term on the site you do not understand, and you don’t find it listed here, then please e-mail me with your query and I will endeavour to update this section for you.

Glossary of terms use on this site.
SCUBA Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
Km Kilometre, a distance of 1000 metres
C Celcuis, formerly known and Centigrade
APD APD Communications, my current employer.
C-Card Certification card, a plastic lovely that lets those nice dive centres know you are allowed to go look at fish
GIS Geographical Information Systems - data and analysis based on maps to all intents and purposes.
DIN Deutchia Industry Norm
bar 1 bar = 1 atmosphere pressure