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OK, so it’s a personal homepage. I have made an effort (except of course for the cheesy homepage photos!) to avoid the stereotypical approach of "This is me, my girlfriend and the two cats".

The site has evolved (and will continue to do so) from a few random ideas and interests. It now includes pages on My diving pages., dive sites and holiday locations (in so far as yours-truly can comment). There are shed loads of My photograph pages. (honest they are good!) from those locations. Other highlights (or low points?) include the My rude limericks page. (submit your own) and my rantings! on the state of the universe as it applies to me!

In the photographs section are pages of holiday destination shots, with links to location and dive reports (if I did any!) as well as B&W photographs by Suzie and myself. Even a section (getting a bit homepage stereotypical here) on my back garden!

The dive section contains my log book, a guide to constructing your very own dive computer interface, stuff about my growing dive kit collection, and many pages of dive site reports and underwater photography from the sites I’v dived with a camera.

The holiday section contains details of the locations I’ve enjoyed holidays in. Almost all with accompanying links to the relevant bit of my photos section with the snapshots from the trip.

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Feeling Flush? Then let me help you. Your donation could help me drink a cool refreshing pint, or buy some chocolate, perhaps with sufficient donations even take another holiday, or buy a nice new set of dive gear. Go on cleanse your troubled soul and make my day: Give, give, give....

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