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I wont tell if you don’t want me to.

I’m afraid you will not yet find a proper XML privacy policy on this site, as to be frank, I cannot fathom the W3C specification for these things, and so have been unable to construct any interpretation of the standard I trust enough to publish. However when I do rest assured there will be one!

All information gathered (and that’s only what you give me via the guest book form) is kept confidential. You name, address, or e-mail address will not be given to any other third party or used for any purpose but informing you of changes to this site or other details you have expressed an interest in.

That’s rather short and uninteresting, but that’s the short and the tall of it.

One word of warning, I do have a few chunks of code from other third parties pasted into this site (for example links to the Scuba ring, and some search engines) and I have no control over, and make no statements on behalf of those sites and/or the actions of their HTML code.